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Hi, I'm Jared Asuncion. I've been solving math problems since 2001, publishing my webpages online since 2005, and coding solutions to algorithmic problems since 2007.
For the curious: Guissmo is my second name and is unique enough to be my username in most places.


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personal projects

2023.12 Corninator: A Jokes App In Next.JS  links: code
  • NextJS app which implements GET and POST API endpoints that interact with data from an SQLite database populated with jokes.
  • Ensured type-safety by using Typescript and an object-relational manager Prisma.
  • Wrote frontend which implements routes and fetches data from the aforementioned API.
  • Created a Dockerfile and a Docker image to use in a Docker Compose file I wrote.
  • Deployed app for public use, using Caddy as a reverse proxy to connect with the Docker container.
2023.11 Lola: An App For a Song With Only Four Letter Words  links: project | blog post | code
  • Uses React components in the Astro open-source web framework
  • Syncs lyrics with a hidden YouTube embed
2022.04 Rick and Morty Character Explorer  links: project | code
  • Presents information from the Rick and Morty API
  • Uses React Router for route handling, MobX for state management, Material UI for UI
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work experience

2022 - Software Engineer (Frontend and Backend) Jellysmack links: jellysmack
  • Worked on a browser-based video editing tool where I found, reproduced, reported and fixed more than 120 bugs within a year
  • Contributed to codebase within my first month and migrated the app to a more recent MUI version
  • As the sole dev in the team: developed a static landing page using Next.JS and deployed it to Amazon AWS Cloudfront within a month
  • Optimized browser app performance by analyzing data profiled in Chrome and Firefox's dev tools
  • Implemented custom UI components in line with design specifications
  • Investigated YouTube video suggestions to improve AI-powered idea recommendation chat bot
  • Contributed to the documentation of the four different projects I have worked on
  • Worked with adjacent teams to diagnose bugs
2017 - 2022 PhD Candidate Université de Bordeaux and Universiteit Leiden links: université de bordeaux | universiteit leiden
  • Generated examples in my thesis using SAGE Math, a library written in Python
  • Used Jupyter notebooks to present my code.
2016 - 2017 Software Engineer INRIA Bordeaux links: inria
  • Implemented the Atkin-Morain elliptic curve primality test, which was eventually used to prove the primality of the currently largest known Fibonacci prime.
  • My code is now part of the Git repo of the open-source computer algebra software PARI/GP.
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2017 - 2022 PhD in Mathematics Université de Bordeaux and Universiteit Leiden links: phd thesis | université de bordeaux | universiteit leiden
    2014 - 2016 ALGANT Master Programme Universiteit Leiden and Université de Bordeaux links: algant website | algant alumni website | master thesis | universiteit leiden | université de bordeaux
    • Passed a course on Cryptology in the Netherlands (168 hrs).
    • Passed a course on Public Key Cryptography Algorithms in France (168 hrs).
    2012 - 2014 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics University of the Philippines links: unibersidad ng pilipinas
    • Graduated cum laude.
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