Work Experience

2022 - Software Engineer (Frontend and Backend) Jellysmack links: jellysmack
  • Worked on a browser-based video editing tool where I found, reproduced, reported and fixed more than 120 bugs within a year
  • Contributed to codebase within my first month and migrated the app to a more recent MUI version
  • As the sole dev in the team: developed a static landing page using Next.JS and deployed it to Amazon AWS Cloudfront within a month
  • Optimized browser app performance by analyzing data profiled in Chrome and Firefox's dev tools
  • Implemented custom UI components in line with design specifications
  • Investigated YouTube video suggestions to improve AI-powered idea recommendation chat bot
  • Contributed to the documentation of the four different projects I have worked on
  • Worked with adjacent teams to diagnose bugs
2017 - 2022 PhD Candidate Universit√© de Bordeaux and Universiteit Leiden links: universit√© de bordeaux | universiteit leiden
  • Generated examples in my thesis using SAGE Math, a library written in Python
  • Used Jupyter notebooks to present my code.
2016 - 2017 Software Engineer INRIA Bordeaux links: inria
  • Implemented the Atkin-Morain elliptic curve primality test, which was eventually used to prove the primality of the currently largest known Fibonacci prime.
  • My code is now part of the Git repo of the open-source computer algebra software PARI/GP.
2012 - 2014 Instructor University of the Philippines, Diliman links: unibersidad ng pilipinas
  • Assigned every semester to teach a combination of undergraduate service courses such as College Algebra, Plane Trigonometry, Algebra and Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis I and Elementary Analysis II.
2010 Trainer Ateneo de Manila High School links: ateneo
  • Trained he math varsity team in Ateneo de Manila High School weekly in preparation for local and national math contests.
2008 - 2010 Trainer Mathematics Trainers' Guild (MTG) links: ateneo
  • Taught in the MTG Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program which consisted of handpicked students which would represent the Philippines to international math competitions. The training usually lasted for three to four weeks during the summer vacation
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