Personal Projects

2023.12 Corninator: A Jokes App In Next.JS  links: project | code
  • NextJS app which implements GET and POST API endpoints that interact with data from an SQLite database populated with jokes.
  • Ensured type-safety by using Typescript and an object-relational manager Prisma.
  • Wrote frontend which implements routes and fetches data from the aforementioned API.
  • Created a Dockerfile and a Docker image to use in a Docker Compose file I wrote.
  • Deployed app for public use, using Caddy as a reverse proxy to connect with the Docker container.
2023.11 Lola: An App For a Song With Only Four Letter Words  links: project | blog post | code
  • Uses React components in the Astro open-source web framework
  • Syncs lyrics with a hidden YouTube embed
2022.04 Rick and Morty Character Explorer  links: project | code
  • Presents information from the Rick and Morty API
  • Uses React Router for route handling, MobX for state management, Material UI for UI
2022.03 Hot or Not  links: project | code
  • Web game which asks the user to guess which city is currently hotter.
  • Uses React, OpenWeather API, Teleport Public API and deployed on my VPS using Docker.
2008.08 Jologs-inator  links: 2008 version | 2023 version | jejemon info | me on tv
  • Project that simulates how people who identify as Jejemon talk
  • Originally written in PHP and deployed to a free web host that no longer exists
  • Got interviewed on Philippine TV for this
  • Rewritten in 2023 in Javascript
2007.09 Goodbye, Carlo: Physics Problems Solver  links: excel file | goodbye carlo video
  • Excel file that solves formulaic problems, with step-by-step solutions, given by our Physics high school teacher
  • Locked some Excel cells for a better user experience
  • Was not at all required in class
2007.06 iBudge: Student Org Budget Proposal Excel Sheet  links: excel file
  • Excel file used by all 56 student organizations to submit their budget proposal
  • Uses locked cells, VLOOKUP, and includes a cell that displays errors for better UX
2007.03 QBasic Poker  links: code | blog post
  • Used QBasic, as prescribed by a school project, to code a Poker game.
  • Used Paint, Excel, and Notepad to draw the graphics pixel-by-pixel.
  • Still works in the present day using a QBasic emulator.
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